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Yasha ([personal profile] the_kicker) wrote2012-05-02 06:40 am
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Calm, collected, ultimately compassionate. Ruminates
Speaks his thoughts a lot. His rival even calls him out on it. "Stop talking to yourself!"
Occasionally masks his intentions
Holds reason high. If it fails, he'll met his opponent on their own terms
Dutiful. But his soul rises above duty - he does what he thinks is right
Some things matter more than family
Pacifist, but doesn't hesitate to fight
Gets caught up in the big picture
Pretty amused - seems to (mostly) save playfulness for family or people he knows well. Gently teases Asura a lot
Obvious things are what (he doesn't understand what someone who lost their spouse and learned their child kidnapped could be fighting for)
Can be merciless/cold/distant/arrogant - mostly when around Asura. Can be sharp/cutting
Random lapses of self-doubt
Can be incredibly childish
Overall, Yasha seems to try to do what will best solve the situation, even if it's cause for betrayal

ABILITIES: gameplay
Super speed, agility, strength, durability (he's a cyborg)
Short range teleportation, once or in succession
Fires various ki blades, all quick
He has an "energy enhanced kick" that can "smash through every known material." Canon's a universe of extremes
Karate chopped someone in half. Cut a steel door to ribbons with his hands alone
Can fly, but only out of the Earth's atmosphere