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Yasha ([personal profile] the_kicker) wrote2014-05-02 11:28 pm
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What's Allowed

Backtagging: Always. I will always get back to you, be it an in-character reply or a message to explain. I may check in with whomever I'm in a thread with if a week has passed without reply. If you don't want to continue the thread, please tell me and we will rock into the sunset.
Fourth Walling: It won't matter much to Yasha. Go ahead. But if I'm in a thread with someone, wait 'til Yasha's alone unless my thread partner says it's okay too.
Threadhopping: No permission necessary!
No-Go Zones: None. Though certain subjects will certainly cause Yasha to withdraw and/or become standoffish, everything is okay by me. No restrictions.

Fighting: Also okay - no need to ask. Keep in mind that, in canon, Yasha kicked the face of something larger than the Earth and nearly broke its jaw. I'm willing to hamper his powers, and hey, Yasha wouldn't seriously harm your character anyway. Watch this to get an idea of what to expect.
Killing: I'll allow it. It's just seriously freaking hard to do. Yasha's a cyborg. If his rival's any indication, losing his limbs wouldn't slow him. He fought barefoot on the Earth's core. Again, I'll tone him down, but message me if your character plans to try - we'll discuss the scenario.
Affection: Everything's great! No permission necessary. Yasha will be slightly surprised and awkward will explode everywhere. I don't roleplay smut, though.
Mindreading: Unnecessary, given how often Yasha talks to himself. But if you want your character to read his mind anyway, tell me so I can adjust my introspection appropriately. Also be sure to note if the mindreader's looking for anything in particular, so Yasha can think obliviously and wonder why he's thinking certain things that he probably wouldn't normally think about. Whatever normal is for a cyborg ninja cowboy with a flying corvette.
Shapechanging: Again, no permission necessary. Surprise me.