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When you live among the stars

you lose sight of the ground.

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Birthdate:May 7, 1984

A roleplay account of Yasha from Asura's Wrath, copyright CyberConnect2 and Capcom.

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a true tree-hugger, all about the world, asura, asura's wrath, asurraaa, augus, blasting charcoal off people, compassion, deus, don't jump my ride, dramatics, driving a wedge through things, durga, feet screws, fighting, fool, fools everywhere, freefalling for centuries, got your nunchuck, hijacking wheel cannons, i don't know anymore, kalrow, keeping up, kicking, killing people to calm them down, literature, mantra, me first, melancholy, military arts, mithra, my soul is screaming, no we don't, not doing what i'm doing, not gohma, not hesitating, not vlitra, olga, on your terms, other than killing its will, pacifying, peace, perspective, planning, punch block with fingers, punching, raging at asura, reason, rebelling, recapping, rider kicking, running, saving the world, seeing, sergei, space all up in space, space corvettes, suddenly i think this is wrong, super awkward pauses, talking in the middle of battle, talking to myself, the world, then it blew up, unenthusiastic battle cries, what's right, whirling around, whistling, whoosh, wyzen, yes asura the center is the middle, zip in and steal
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